• October 10, 2015
    Western and central provinces took a greater role in leading China's economic uptick in the second quarter, while the "rust belt" region still lagged in economic expansion. Of the 31 regions that have released their latest GDP data, 27 posted faster growth in ... Read More
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    October 9, 2015
    China is passing through a series of reforms transforming its economy and its manufacturing sector, If China is serious about economic transformation, nothing is more important than morphing new technology with old industries. "Made in China 2025" -- China's version of "Industry 4.0" -- is an amb ... Read More
  • September 28, 2015
    OEM and ODM are the words that can be often come forward in the manufacturing terms. These words are related to the manufacturing industry. The OEM was abbreviated as Original equipment Manufacturer and the ODM was called as a Original Design Manufacturer. Both are different from one another. The O ... Read More